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Interview with Dj Dee Fresh Fingaz

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C1: Dj Dee was born in December1983 in Luxembourg. He started mixing at the age of 15 as soon as he discovered the scratches. Even if turntablism and Rap music were his first intention, his main goal was to combine Rap,R&B and Turntablism skills with all kind of music, such as House, Disco, Funk, Electro and Rock’N'Roll. So he started to create his own style and parties (Exit School Party, 2Fresh2Night,…) where he could show his skills. The following 5 years Dee played almost everywhere in Luxembourg, so he decided to take a break in Lux. and to go mix abroad like in Lloret Del Mar (Moby’s, Bumpers & St.Trop), Berlin (H2be Club), Lörrach (Notlösung), Bruxelles (La Cambre), Arlon (N-Joy) and Issoudun (Le Pepsi). In 2006 Dee decided to mix again in Luxembourg where he met Marc H., one of Luxembourg’s most important man in Nightlife, who was loking for a new resident Dj in one of Luxembourg’s most famous Club: ‘The Boos K’Fé Club-Restaurant’. And of course Dee couldn’t denied this proposition. From now on was Dee established as one of the most wanted DJs in Luxembourg and in 2008 Dee attested all his mastery by winning the contest for ‘BEST DJ IN LUXEMBOURG’!

Now I live in Ettelbruck (Luxembourg) I’ve been touched by hip hop when I was 11 or 12 it was 1995-1996. Wu-Tang and IAM brought both their best album ever out in the same year, ‘Forever’ by the W and ‘L’ecole du micro en bois’ by IAM. After hearing this two albums I knew that I want to be a part of Hip Hop as a Dj, so I began.

I did the scratches and produced a track on a Luxemburgish Rock Group’s Album called: Inborn-Chef d’oeuvre (2007)

Dj Dee – The Mixtape (Vol.1-6) strictly Rap
Fresh Fingaz – Most Wanted (strictly rap)
Dj Dee & Dj Dirty-E – Right back up in your Motherfuckin ass (Vol.1-2) strictly Rap
Dj Dee & Dj B.N.T – Restricted Area (strictly rap)
Dj Dee – The Lost Tape (strictly Rap)
Dj Dee – Loveparade Moddafockaz (Vol.1-4) Electro-House
Dj Dee – The Right mix 2009 (Electro-House)
Dj Dee – Live @ Boos K’Fé (Club Sound)
Dj Dee – Live @ Lloret del Mar (Club Sound)
Dj Dee – Live @ Ill U Me Nasty Radio Show (Electro)
Dj Dee – Live @ FFYS Festival 2009 (Electro)
Dj Dee – Live @ FFYS Festival 2010 (Electro)

Mixtapes with Mcs:
Mental – Payer mes dettes
Mental – Life is a bitch
Mental – Mixtape King
CMC – Ma méthode d’expression
CMC – La premiere
Sputnix – The Tape

C3: What can I tell you? I have to tell you sth about my country because luxembourg is very small, so I only can tell you that we have some talented Mcs here, but it’s very difficult to have some credibility in Germany, France or Belgium if you come from Luxembourg, so we do what we can.

C4:No not a lot, I saw a groupe on the Splash Festival 2006 but I don’t remember the name. Here in Luxembourg we have one guy who raps in italian, his name is CHICO, his tracks are on airplay here in Luxembourg, so maybe you are interested to interview him;)

C5:Mp3′s are for the dj who plays more than 50 tracks on a party very helpfull, because he has not to take all his vinyl with him if he has the new technologies like Serato and traktor. The only one thing on mp3′s which is bad, is that the bass is not sou powerful like on a vinyl. And don’t forget mp3′s are killing vinyl, everyday is there in the world a vinyl shop closing because of them.

C6:I like why not?, as long they are handling and moving like a woman and not like a man, they are welcome;)

C7: Of course I performed live, I’m on stage every weekend;)

C8: I like Q-Bert, Mix Master Mike & Shadow, for me they are the greatest musicians on earth at the moment.

C9: No the most of the clips are not representing the real Hip Hop, that’s over since Gangsta Rap became fame.

C10: I’m a Dj and I use vinyl and I do a lot for the kids here in Luxembourg to get them from the street, like some workshops and this things, like the Zulu Nation but they did Jams and things like that.

C11: Again I have to speak over the country Luxembourg. Our Clubs and Radios are very mainstream, as example there is only one radio station who has an hip hop and electro show, but it’s a little station and the shows are not longer than 1 hour.

C12: I’m working on a new project with DJ NaF which is called ‘RETRO ADDICTZ’, we wanna play only oldschool sounds an during we are mixing there is a graffer on stage who does a graffity, a b-boy doing some moves and an oldschool Mc to entertain a little bit the crowd.

C13: I thank all the peaople who come all weeks to my parties and shows, thanks to them all, without them I would be nothing. And I thank you for this nice interview;)


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