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Interview with Konji Master

10 Gennaio 2010

C: A little history of you. Where do you live, in which way have you been touched by hiphop etc etc
Konji Master is a male musical artist based in Nigeria who believes in HipHop cos its a means of speaking the truth about REAL MUSIK to the world.

C: Tell me something about hip-hop and black music in your city.
HipHop and Black musik in my city is what i called "The Future" cos it has been modernized in different way, e.g (Afro-HipHop, Makossa HipHop and Highlife HipHop)

C: Do you know something about hip-hop and black music in Italy?
Italy has great Hiphop standard, love there productions/sequencing when it comes to Hiphop musik

C: What do you think about mp3?
Mp3′s are beautiful, efficient and fast when it comes to sending, receiving or downloading songs via internet. Makes the work easier.

C: And about women in hip-hop and black music?
Women in Hiphop are to take over the hiphop industry, especially in my city (Nigeria)

C: Have you performed live?
Yea, i do most of my performance Live!

C: Who is the artist you like most and why?
Unfortunately i love Konji Master (which is me) cos i do wat they want, and not wat i want.

C: Do you think that hip-hop and black music videos represent the real hip-hop?
Yea, Hiphop and Black muski video represent

C: In which way you live hip-hop?
I live Hiphop in my musik and my everyday activities

C: Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
Lots of Clubs and Radio Stations in Nigeria, we got, RayPower 106.5, Kennis Musik Channels, Suprem FM, Capital Sounds and so so more

C: Future projects
Future project i’ii end up having a charity home and a musical record label.

C: Thanks and hello to
Thanks to u guys for the lovely job u re doing in the world of musik, thanks to ciobin for the lovely opportunity, thanks to Kennis musik, bakyard studios, Odogu 1 in 9ja, thanks to all the radio and TV stations in Nigeria and all over Africa for playing my songz. and most especially thanks to God Almighty for the strength.

For contacts, reach me on +2348032369634 or +2347040784742 or email me @ konji9ja@yahoo.com


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