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Interview with Lijero

19 Ottobre 2009

C: A little history of you. Where do you live, in which way have you been touched by hiphop etc etc

I try to resist the passage of time, and I invest all my effort to build my own time machine to go back to every time that makes me feel good. I’m living in Seville now, and the respect to HipHop is the way that joins me to this kind of music.

C: A little discography

Paco y Jer, Blood, Sweat and Tears…2002
Club Scial – …………………………………….2006
Lijero – Movidas estaticas………………..2007
Lijero – Plan A // Plan B…………………….2009.

C: Tell me something about hip-hop and black music in your city.

It´s on stand by.

C: Do you know something about hip-hop and black music in Italy?

Yes! I’m talking with and italian guy who lives in Barcelona (Wirl) and we’d like to do a mixtape with Italian artists.

C: What do you think about mp3?

I think it’s ok, because I wouldn’t have music on the streets without it.

C: And about women in hip-hop and black music?

I think it´s perfect.

C: Have you performed live?

(laughs). Yes…sometimes. ; )

C: Who is the artist you like most and why?

I haven’t got fetishes artists because I usually change them, but I suppose there are some that leave their mark. I like Andres3000, Mos Def, Method Man, Eazy E, George Bensoon…

C: Do you think that hip-hop and black music videos represent the real hip-hop?

It’s not necessary. I think a videoclip is like a film. Not all the films represent the reality. In fact, I like videoclips based on fiction.

C: In which way you live hip-hop?

I write hiphop.

C: Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.

I don’t like clubs very much… I go there once in a while. And the radios…there aren’t a lot. I mean, there isn’t any! (laughs).

C: Future projects

Lijero & Toroweins. More than a million days.

C: Thanks and hello to

To everybody that is going to read this.
To my karma. And to you!

C: For contacts?






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