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Interview with B-Zar

4 Ottobre 2009

C: A little history of you. Where do you live, in which way have you been touched by hiphop etc etc…

First of all – hello!
My name is Eugeniu, but most of the hip-hop listeners/fans here know me as B-ZAR. I live in Moldova Republic of, a small country near Romania,
Ukraine and Russia (try to use Google Maps). I don’t know if hip-hop really touched me first… It was music, generally. I fucked with hip-hop
when I felt it, you know, smth like: "Wooow, I feel this shit!". It was like love at first sight… And a voice from my head told me to go for it.
That’s it! Anyway, since I can remember – I can’t live without music. It’s a part of me already…

C: A little discography

Let’s see… I have an album with my group KRONYC, along with JUCATORU’ and DablaDO, it was dropped back in 2006 "2006 de Schimbari…"
(that means "Changes" and 2006 is the count of changes in our lives at that time). Next goes an album in collaboration with the first hip-hop label from
Moldova – Green Flava: "Vocabule 2", featuring some names from Romanian rap-stage, such as Bitza, Brugner and Junky, some of the best MCs
from Moldova – Gasha, Ham, Roma and Wave. Then, last year, I dropped a mixtape called "Nelansate 2004-2007" ("Unreleased 2004-2007"). You can
find all this shit here: www.urbantape.tk – just search B-ZAR, Green Flava or KRONYC.

C: Tell me something about hip-hop and black music in your city.

Firstly, I think that "black music" it’s a little bit abusive, don’t you agree? So I’ll stay away from that subject, pretending not seein’ dat shit, aaigt?
In my city there are alot of hip-hop talents, really… The saddest shit is that there are much more MCs than fans, you know. No doubts, every kid can
buy a mic and spit his shit, and that’s it – he’s an MC and don’t fuck with him. Haha, know what I’m sain’? So when you perform on a stage,
you can see in the crowd alot of MCs (fo’ real, not fake ones)… After you finish performing, you gotta change roles: another MC from the crowd iz on
the stage and you’re in the crowd. Kinda funny, but it’s all love between MCs and hip-hop listeners anyway.
They appreciate our way of being natural, not VIPs and shit…

C: Do you know something about hip-hop and black music in Italy?

Really, not so much… I heared about Fabri Fibra from a friend of mine. I don’t understand Italian… And I remember I saw a video with
some Italians (I can’t remember their group name), featuring B-Real from Cypress Hill. I think that’s all.

C: What do you think about mp3?

It’s like Nike – Just do it :) )
I buy CDs, really. But, besides that, I have a great collections of mp3 in my PC, in my phone, in my player, etc, etc… It’s a great question and kinda great
audio format. Whatever – buy CDs!!!

C: And about women in hip-hop and black music?

Women in hip-hop, hmmm, I’m not discriminating, but women got a lot of other stuff to do besides hip-hop. I love RnB ladies, but not hip-hop.
It’s just my point of view… I really think hip-hop it’s more like a man thing. Anyway – peace to all women in the rap game (black or white, or brown)!

C: Have you performed live?

Yes, a lot of times. And, as I can remember, last night I freestyled some shit in a club here, it was spontaneous. I love the connection between me
and the crowd when I’m freestyling, so I’ll never miss a chance to do that!

C: Who is the artist you like most and why?

I like a lot of artists, I can’t choose just one. And I like them for the music they make, for keeping hip-hop alive, for being/staying original for such a long time.

C: Do you think that hip-hop and black music videos represent the real hip-hop?

Yes, in some way, and no in some other way. Rap videos shouted when, let’s say Eazy-E was alive – were more realistic than our days. Why? Cuz our
days, watching a rap video, we just see Kanye and Lil’ Wayne with brand new LV shoes and belts, bling-blings, grillz and shit like this… Thats not
hip-hop when you show the world how rich you are – that’s lame. But also, there are a lot of artists keeping it real on videos and not only. The problem is
that kids prefer to support this new wave of "glamorous" MCs, forgetting about the roots, about the old school leaders. Kinda sad, but true.

C: In which way you live hip-hop?

I breathe hip-hop, I eat hip-hop, I drink hip-hop, I smoke hip-hop – I am hip-hop!

C: Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.

What can I say… In my city, hip-hop stays underground, talking about the level. So radio stations are still a lil’ bit "afraid" to fuck with rappers. With
the clubs it’s all good. Also there is no club or radio station hip-hop strictly. Things will change in a few years, I’m sure and I truly believe that!

C: Future projects

Yes, now I’m working with JUCATORU’ and DJ Kirumba on the next KRONYC album, besides that, as soon as possible, I’ll drop a double mixtape
Which will include my feature songs from all albums where I was invited, some unreleased before tracks and a few new ones.

C: Thanks and hello to

Thank you too and… hello to Ana – I love you, baby :) )

C: For contacts?

You can listen my music on MySpace: www.myspace.com/kronycb
You can follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/sickbzar
You can visit my Blog: www.mysickvisions.wordpress.com

Keep in touch! Holla at me anytime! Peace!

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