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Interview with Jonny Lupo

27 Settembre 2009

Ciobin : A little history of you. Where do you live, in which way have you been touched by hiphop etc

Jonny Lupo : I’m a music producer,remixer,entrepreneur,song-writer born in a small country of Eastern Europe
(Republic of Moldova). I have studied piano at a music art school, and I have been a member of different
music projects. Since the end of 2008 (only 18 years old) I started my career as international music producer.
I founded 2 record labels : "Li Empire Records" which includes 6 music projects
that i develop,produce,and promote, and "Inverso Records" founded with a well-known Switzerland
singer and song-writer Sil Yanku. Hip-hop is my 1st love :)

Ciobin : A little discography

Jonny Lupo : I have produced hip-hop,rap,rnb beats for like 30 different artists from U.S.A, Australia,Europe etc.
I also work on my own debut album "Diamonds For You", and hip-hop albums of different artists,
too many to name.In the end of 2009 and 1st half of 2010 there will be many albums releases produced
by me in Europe (Switzerland,France,Moldova,Italy) and U.S.A.

Ciobin : Tell me something about hip-hop and black music in your city.

Jonny Lupo : I’m workin’ with international artists, but there are a lot of tallented rappers in my city too.
I guess they just need more promotion.

Ciobin : Do you know something about hip-hop and black music in Italy?

Jonny Lupo : One of my friends who lives in Italy bought me few hip-hop albums of italian artists. I really
don’t understand the language, but still sounds very well for me :)

Ciobin : What do you think about mp3?

Jonny Lupo : Mp3 it’s ok, but if you want really quality tracks, you’ve got to accept other formats ;)

Ciobin : And about women in hip-hop and black music?

Jonny Lupo : There are a lot of women in hip-hop that i respect, actually i have signed to my label a female rapper,
I’m working with her on her debut album in the studio at the moment, and she is doing very well.
In hip-hop there’s always a place for everyone who have something to say.

Ciobin : Have you performed live?

Jonny Lupo : yes, i have performed live alternative rock beeing a teenager,also hip-hop, and electronica after 18.

Ciobin : Who is the artist you like most and why?

Jonny Lupo : Too many to name… It depends on albums, not only artist’s name. There are a lot of great artists who
released lame albums in last period of time, and vice-versa… a lot of unknown artists who really
impressed me, and also there are few legends who are still making diamonds in hip-hop and other genres.

Ciobin : Do you think that hip-hop and black music videos represent the real hip-hop?

Jonny Lupo : Lol… depends on videos.. some of them represent real hip-hop, some of them not.
Many mainstream videos are just "wrong covers" of real hip-hop.

Ciobin : In which way you live hip-hop?

Jonny Lupo : Breathing it every single day – in the studio, at home, in the street, with my brain,heart and soul.

Ciobin : Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.

Jonny Lupo : Eastern European clubs prefer more electronic music. But there are few good clubs which still support
good hip-hop music.

Ciobin : Future projects

Jonny Lupo : 2 trance-house albums as Jonny Lupo, 1 electronic album as Inside Revolt (with Wisom – a tallented
trance producer signed to my label),
production for albums of rappers signed to my label, 2 international hip-hop mixtapes,and about
120 beats produced per year for different international hip-hop artists.

Ciobin : Thanks and hello to

Jonny Lupo : I would like to express thanks to my fans,friends, family, everyone who loves what i’m doing,and people i’m working with,especially
people from my studios, my artists, my business partner and friend Sil Yanku, engineers and everyone with
whom i get a lot of pleasure to work.

Ciobin : For contacts?

Jonny Lupo : Find me on myspace anytime : www.myspace.com/jonnylupo
good luck & peace ,thanks for interview

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