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Interview with Mouthpeace

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C: A little history of you. Where do you live, in which way have you been touched by hiphop etc etc
Well, I'm living in a city called Kumamoto, Japan.
I was born and grew up here. My first encounter with 
HIP-HOP was probably.....when I was still in elementary school.
I was listening to the radio and truly impressed with
a song titled "MINAMATA", sung by a local rapper. 
During my high school time, I was into dance, graffiti,
rap, and DJ. As you know, each of these four elements 
now seperated and established individually used to be all connected.
I was clubbing with my friends all night and often late for school, 
yeah, good times. In time, I came to know a rap group called "Gaki-Ranger" 
who tought me a lot about HIP-HOP and I started my career as a rapper 
here in Kumamoto. Then I got to know an artist called Shing02 
who gave me an oppurtunity to widen my performance-field, to nationwide. 
Thanks to the encounter, I've been working a lot in coraboration 
with many artists since then.
C: A little discography
I made a coraboration with an artist called "Michita" in his album,
the song is called "Sore Demo Anata No Michi Wo Yuke(Belive Your Way)".
And I was featured by an artist Toshimitsu Baba in his album, 
released in this June. I also work with other 5 MCs, Shing02,
Kakumakushaka, Hisomi-TNP, Eleven, Meiso, and we six released
a song titled "Muchi No Chi 6MCs REVAMP" on the web. Currently, I'm working 
on my first album.
C: Tell me something about hip-hop and black music in your city.
We have a leading group called "Mamushi MC's" having been on the 
top of the scene since the early 90's. And about the style....
free-style is most popular among the rappers here, I reckon. 
We also have a lot of sound-crews in raggae.
Black music....Djembe, possibly? Though it depends on how you define
"black music", so-called traditional African music is quite popular 
out here. Most of the musicians in this city are not 
commercially oriented, they are pretty much underground, I suppose.
C: Do you know something about hip-hop and black music in Italy?
Well, I read a series of feature articles about Italian HIP-HOP
in a music magazine "Blast" before, but I'm not that at home 
in the Italian music scene. Now I feel like getting to know a 
lot of different types of music from all over the world.
C: What do you think about mp3?
I suppose all music devices have a merit and demerit.
It depends entirely on each individual whether the devices at
their best or not.
C: And about women in hip-hop and black music?
Well, things like sex, age, race, and nationality are not that 
important for me when it comes to music. Individuality, that's 
everything, I guess. Differences make music more interesting and
exciting, I believe. So, I don't have much to say especially 
about "women".
C: Have you performed live?
I do a lot of live performances in my city and other cities in Japan.
Sometimes with DJs in a club, other times with acoustic musicians in a cafe
as I like both of them, sampled and acoustic sound. I also do a session
with sitar and Djembe players. Currenlty I've been making sound and live
performances with a unit of trumpet and sax.
C: Who is the artist you like most and why?
Well, difficult to give you only one name....a cliche?
I know, but it's just difficult. I basically like all gernes.
From classic to the latest in J-Pop, Jazz, House, Dub, Acoustic, Raggae...
yeah, all of them. The list would be endless, really.
And I also listened to a lot of work of my friends.
C: Do you think that hip-hop and black music videos represent the real hip-hop?
Those videos are the only way I can get to know those musicians,
so, difficult to say if they are representing the "real" HIP-HOP or not.
But the only thing I can say for sure is there are so many different
types of HIP-HOPs which are not on MTV or those music videos.
And yes, I don't like violent expressions in music much. It's not that
I'm denying the people using those expresisons, but I just think 
that's not my style.
C: In which way you live hip-hop?
Wow, such a difficult quiestion as I can only be myself.
The only thing I always try to keep in mind is to make sure
that my massages reach the audiences. I felt that keenly 
when I did a live performance in a cafe. There were some
elderly people who I would never see in a club.
I have a massage so that I make songs and do my music.
I shouldn't forget this basics, I strongly feel.
And about the lyrics, I make songs which represent the situations
here in Japan, financially flourished, but suffered with
inner darkness.
C: Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
In my city, we have "Club Day" a couple of times a year.
You pay 12 Euro and you can go to any clubs in the city.
Probably there are 16 or 17 clubs here, I suppose.
I think this progect is really epoch-making. It enables the sfaffs
of the clubs get to know each other and a lot of people get
familiar with so-called club culture. About the radio, we have three local
stations and two national stations. The programs on local stations
are mainly focused on talks, and a bit of music. 
We don't have a program or station specialised in music, sadly.
I often visit my friend's programs and give a notice of my live
performances and play my songs.
C: Future projects
I'm currently woking on a new song in corporation with Michita
who I mentioned before. I'm also working together with an artist 
called DJ OKWARI who belongs to the same label wwith Michita,
 "Libyus Music", and tow female acoustic singers Coby and Junko Mizuma.
And I'm thinking of widening my field to worldwide, 
some progects are going on.
I also do track-making alongside with rap.
I do rap only in Japanese, but but but, if there is anybody who is
interested in working with me, please please get in touch with me!!
C: Thanks and hello to
Well, firstly, thank you very much for everybody who were together
with me in this long interview. And you, the writer Ciobin!
And my firend helped me in translation! PEACE!!!
C: For contacts?
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