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Interview with Young Guttah

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A little history of Young Guttah
Yung Guttah is a young artist in indianapolis, he was
born in zambia on ths southern part of africa then
moved to cleveland live there for about three years
and now lives in indianapolis indiana

This is your first cd?
yes this is Yung Guttah’s first CD

Tell me something about hip-hop in your city.
HipHop in my city is starting to grow and become more
popular each day, my city has alot of talent that is
not yet exposed to mainstream

Do you know something about hip-hop in Italy?
i dont know much about hiphop in italy, but i know
that Hiphop has become a major thang in other parts of
the world besides the U.S, so i know that italy should
be in love with Hiphop at this time

What do you think about mp3?
mp3 is a big part of music i’m glad we have mp3, i use
it on a daily basis and it makes it easier for fans,
and artists

And about women in hip-hop?
women in HipHop have falling of there peak, it seems
it women in r and b that have taken over, but i know
women in HipHop will have there turn, they just need
to figure it out

Have you performed live?
yes i have have performed where i live, in under 21
clubs and soon will be doing alot of venues in the

Who is the artist you like most and why?
the artist i like the most right now is lil wayne for
the fact that he just never stops doing what he loves
to do nommater what and he has originality

Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?
i dont think they are the same as back in the day,
back in the day they were seen as art, now its all
aboujt who has the most cars and women

In which way you live hip-hop?
i think about HipHop all the time i write my lyrics
from experiences or things i have seen and if not i
write HipHop to a level of where i want it to be, i
not only live it i breathe it

Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
i think we need more clubs specially under 21 clubs,
the radio station is getting better but they need to
start giving there local artist more play and support

Future projects
i will be doing mixtapes, ghostwritting for many
artist special on r and b projects,but none of my
other talents will take me away from making more
albums for my self

Thanks and hello to
thank you for giving me a chance to be part of this
interview i also wanna thank everybody who supports my
music, your very own prince Yung Guttah

for contacts?
booking info/collaberation or interviws
call CEO(Blayze) 3178281557

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