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Interview avec Illicite

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Bref histoire de Illecite
Jeune groupe formé, il y a cinq ans, composé de tragik, nesta les rappeurs; et Mike et Gis sont les concepteurs son. Originaire de Meaux dans le 77.

Ceci est ton premier cd?
C’est le deuxiéme, notre premier projet était sous forme de vynil avec un cd multimédia intitulé Les larmes

Dis-moi quelque chose sur le hip-hop dans ta ville
Il y a plusieurs artistes Karl’1 qui tourne pas mal avec LIM, combinaisons de sens et de savoir, Shaye et Ritmo de la noche et les Jazz liberators, on a pas mal de danseurs aussi dont fantastik armada et Mathias du mtv dance crew

Est-ce que tu connais quelque chose sur le hip-hop en Italie?
Franchement la culture en ile de france se perd tellement qu’on entend pas parler ou peu du hip hop dans les autres pays même en italie un pays si proche.

Qu’est-ce que tu penses de mp3?
Je n’ai pas d’avis particulier si ce n’est que les mêmes qui nous ont mis à disposition cette technologie nous reproche de l’utiliser.

Et des femmes dans le hip-hop?
C’est une bonne chose car elles arbordent les thémes de maniére différente mais je suis plus pour casey que diam’s qui bénificie du surexposition médiatique.

As-tu joué en live?
Oui, quelques fois mais pas assez à mon goût!!

Quel est l’artiste que tu prefere et pourquoi?
Booba pour sa recherche d’innovation au niveau musical et Disiz pour l’écriture

Selon toi les videos hip-hop represent le reel hip-ho?
Non pas du tout je suis fan de clips puisque moi aussi j’en fais aujourd’hui on vend plus une image que notre culture, c’est que je déplore la loi du capitalisme.

Dans ta vie, comment tu vie le hip-hop?
ben, il faut vivre donc je travaille à côté mais j’investis tout dans mes projets, je vis pour ça conscient que ce soit un risque!

Dis-moi quelque chose sur les radios et les clubs dans ta ville
Zéro, je suis obligé d’aller sur paris pour vivre ma passion.

Projets futurs
On prépare deux clips en paralélle de notre street album et on va faire tourner deux morceaux que je vais vous envoyer

Merci et salut à…

Pour te contacter?

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Interview with Dj Om

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“A little history of Deejay OM:”
I’ve had a fascination and
interest in music since I was quite young. In 1992, when I entered
college, I began heavily collecting records and as the record
collection grew (I had about 8 crates of records) I had begun to
notice that the music which I was so into wasn’t around much where I
lived (Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Reggae, etc.). I started a
radio show on an AM station, and moved to FM later that year, bought a
set of turntables and a mixer and Deejay OM was born! I had become
heavily interested in meditation, tai chi, and yoga and the idea of OM
(sound as a means of enlightenment, the mantra whispered by Shiva
which began life) was something that I felt fit what I wanted to be
doing with my music. From there I began djing parties, clubs, special
events, etc. and through a college friend I began to learn about music
production. Starting from the basics I moved my way through different
drum machines, computer programs, etc.. I have since been on US and
European tours, done a song for a Thrasher skateboarding video,
released a split 7″ with G4 producer Meatyogre on the prestigious all
instrumental label Heardrums (, performed with the
Pharcyde, Z-trip, the Genius and Ghostface Killah of Wu-tang, and many
others. Currently I am releasing a solo album “Reheated Naan & Curry”
(due out May 1st, 2007) on Galapagos4, djing regularly throughout the
US, and planning tour dates for my album.

“This is your first cd?”
Well, I have contributed to numerous
compilations, other people’s albums and a wide variety of projects,
however, this is my first solo album, and I am very excited (and a
little nervous!) about it’s upcoming release on May 1st, 2007 through
the label Galapagos4! It is my hopes that I can actually reach the
Italian audience. I feel that Italy is a beckon of light to a lot of
people around the world whether it be fashion, food, or style, and I
would love to know that the Italian people are feeling what I’m doing.

“Tell me something about hip-hop in your city?”
Hip Hop is an
interesting animal in the San Francisco/Bay Area. We are home to Too
Short, E-40, Souls of Mischief, Del the Funky Homosapien, IMP, Zion-I,
the hyphy movement, and so much more. Hip Hop as a whole is
progressive because of this area and the Bay Area is always innovative
as seen by the artists who come out of here, and as witnessed by the
new slang constantly coming out of the “Yay” and finding it’s way into
hip hop lyrics and those who live the culture.

“Do you know something about hip hop in Italy?”
Unfortunately, I
don’t! Although I do have an interest in hearing hip hop from Italy (I
am an Italian-American), it doesn’t seem to make it’s way over here. I
would love to hear what is going on over in Italy and what sounds,
ideas, and innovations they have come up with; if I had one place I
could travel to in the near future it would be to come out to Italy,
and I can only hope that I get a chance to come out there for a tour.

“What do you think about mp3?”
Mp3′s are great in the fact that
they are small, easy to handle, send to people, etc.. However, I think
the problem with them can be sound quality. I am really into vinyl
because of it’s warm and full sound, and I think that the mp3 lacks
that overall sound quality. Having said that, I am in the process of
acquiring serrato because of it’s ease of use, it’s becoming the
industry standard, and the fact that mp3′s on a computer weigh much
less than vinyl records in a bag, but I will still always love vinyl

“And about women in hip-hop?”
I think women in hip-hop is a great
thing. There are a number of competent female djs, producers, and
MC’s. The sound of their voice and ability to talk about different
ideas/subjects is something refreshing in a male dominated industry.

“Have you performed live?”
Yes, I have performed live numerous
times. Whether I have been the dj behind the MC’s performing, up on
stage spinning records for a club of party people dancing, or on tour
in the US and Europe performing some of my songs on samplers and
turntables, I love to perform live.

“Who is the artist you like most and why?”
Currently it would be
hard to place on the artist I like most and why, because I like so
many different styles of music and it’s totally dependant upon my
mood. Terrible answer I know, but it’s true. I love music. Plain and
simple, so if I was to say Jorge Ben over Bob Marley or Jimi Hendrix
or Niagara or Can, Nick Drake, or whoever it would be incorrect,
because that can always change and I love too many genres of music. I
find that music is perfect for creating a mood, or accentuating a mood
you are already feeling, but it must be the right music for the right
situation. If I was pressed for an answer as far as hip-hop MC’s I
would say currently MF Doom because of his lyrical content and flow
(and I am a huge fan of KMD).

“Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?”
I don’t at all, because many of the people who I know living hip-hop
don’t drive Bentleys or Rolls Royces, have 3 million dollar homes with
$100,000 chains hanging off their neck. A good amount of what you see
on videos is fake and is more industry based than actual

“In which way you live hip-hop?”
I am a dj, producer, record
collector, years ago I even did a little breakdancing (terrible as it
was?haha), and have contributed to this culture for over 14 years now.

“Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city”.
The clubs
and radios in my city are very similar. Unfortunately it is hard to
find a place (or radio station) to go to where you can hear good music
that you aren’t constantly already being forced to listen to, however,
when you do find those clubs, or radio stations, the music is really
good and the club is usually a lot of fun. This is one of the reasons
why I enjoy touring, because the grass is always greener on the other
side (but, it makes me love San Francisco that much more when I

“Future projects.”
I have a lot of future projects in the works
including working with some of the MCs from Galapagos4 (such as Qwel
and Mestizo), some remixes, touring, mix cds (currently working on a
Funk/Soul mix with a good friend), and I will begin working on my
second solo album.

“Thanks and hello to.”
Thanks to you and all of my Italian fans
for giving me the opportunity to be in your magazine. Hello to
Triantafilis, my friends, family, and all of my fans?thank you for
your support!

For any fans interested in contacting me you can
go to or visit for more
info. For booking information please contact me directly at: (or through the label Galapagos4:

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Interview with Calm

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Tell us something about you if somebody don’t remember who you are
Time: I?m big Chris who goes by the name of Time from North Denver and also member of the Dirty Laboratory.
AwareNess: I?m big AwareNess, founder of the Dirty Laboratory and chief producer.

In which way this new cd is born? and why?
Time: This album took us 2 years, we had ?Treat me like a villain? done before Litterture even came out. We just worked right through both albums. We wanted Anti-Smiles to be easier for people to relate to compared to Litterture. Calm. is a drug known as music and the Calm. pill cures your Anti-Smiles and sometimes you need to listen to the frowns before you can realize what a smile is.
AwareNess: We didn?t rush anything on this album and set no dates, we just let it all come to us. Using some movie music to relay passionate undertones helped set the mood of the album.

Tell us the reaction of the people who listen the cd?
Time: People?s reaction to the album has been really positive and negative, I think we met our goal for it being something you can relate to. We make music for ourselves, if we like every song and support the album then I don?t really care about any reactions, the music speaks for itself.
AwareNess: well we actually got way more positive response than negative. I?ve found a wide array of people like it from reggaeton folk to The Mars Volta enthusiasts (big up omar and ced).

If you could, what would you change in it?
Time: The album sucks, I would change everything. I wouldn?t change anything, let the songs do what they do, please.
AwareNess: I love the album, anything I would?ve changed already got changed before anybody listened to it. Anything we didn?t add to this album you can expect on the next calm. release.

Tell us something about every track of the cd.
Calm. Died-
Time: It?s about us at a jazz club and we got our set cut off. AwareNess and I got pissed and almost trashed the club along with our goals. It?s about people backstabbing Judas and Joan of Arc backstabbing fire. I?ve collapsed my lungs, broke my knees and I?m still broke and I?m still rapping.
AwareNess: yeah he?s still rapping.
Treat me like a villain-
Time: This was written in my basement in about 3 minutes, it came out quicker then some Everclear at a high school party. It?s basically about vampires, underpaid teachers and god locking the phone booths.
AwareNess: I was sleeping on the floor in my basement and tweaked out to a dvd intro loop.
Help the medicine go down-
Time: Find happiness anyway possible whether it?s a lie, a joke or denial. Cartoons aren?t real, Thomas Kinkaide is a robot and the pope gets erections, it?s all right believe what makes you happy. Swallow toothpaste.
AwareNess: I?m Chopin and Poppin Marry.
We Are Anti-Music-
Time: This is kind of a remake of We Are Music on my first album Litterture, it explains the stresses of doing poetry slams and having lesbians think you?re homophobic because you rap. Input got crunk on the yelling, shouts out to my homies Ben and Rehab Hymn.
AwareNess: yeah.
This is For ______-
Time: This song is for all the women that inspire masturbation. Women are beautiful we don?t want them to get exploited in Utah with free donuts and porn at truck stops.
Lumberjack Love-
Time: This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. My cousin played the trumpet on it. It?s basically about my fears and insecurities of being a lumberjack (man) and falling in love with a battle axe (women).
AwareNess: This is a hyper fresh song with dope trumpet sounds.
Depression 200 MG-
Time: A couple days after I recorded this song my lungs collapsed for the 3rd time. It?s about wondering what a good song sounds like. See also frustration.
AwareNess: I rethought this whole thing and if you?ve ever heard ?Meditation of Thought? you?ll see an entire world of wonder and awe.
Time: Anti-Smiles was inspired from John Waters and Divine in the movie where he played Dawn Davenport. It?s basically about how everyone wants to be cool and not smile so they talk about what they?re going to do and they never do it, it?s always tomorrow to them. (flashes jazzy smile).
AwareNess: I played the piano like Alicia.
Get my mind right-
Time: This is about getting your paycheck and grabbing your crotch. Now that?s a good day.
AwareNess: yeah a good day indeed.
Watch the buildings sway-
Time: I originally used this beat as a valentine?s song for my lady friend. AwareNess decided to use his James Earl Jone?s voice and it was all improvised from there.
AwareNess: I thought it was my Barry White voice
She Spoke Spanish-
Time: I wrote this song in about 3 minutes as well. I wrote it after reading Coney Island of the Mind by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and making out on top of a parking garage.
A Wet Nightmare-
Time: A girl on meth.
AwareNess: That?s Crazy.
Waster?s Anti-Nice-
Time: I asked Extra Kool to write a little interlude for the album and he killed it. I called him fat for ordering milk shakes.
AwareNess: I took that interlude and chopped it up and did things no man should ever do.
Friend Minus R-
Time: I wrote this at the library. It?s about friends and lovers and how humans get sick of each other so easily.
AwareNess: it?s a good song, listen to it.
Sa Ta Ta-
Time: This song was a freestyle. I was running around the room rapping and I messed up and shouted Sa Ta Ta, we kept it.
AwareNess: Great times.
Step Ladders-
Time: It?s about people liking you because you have a car and kids shooting guns at each other.
AwareNess: again I played the piano like Alicia.
Time: It happens once it happens twice then never again.

Have you performed live recently?
Time: We perform live a all the time. The Anti-Smiles album release party was in Denver with DJ Abilities from RhymeSayers, along with our Colorado friend Black Pegasus.
AwareNess: We throw fantastic parties and get our minds right, live.

Do you think that something is changed in hip-hop in these years?
Time: Hip-Hop is constantly changing, new artists evolve Hip Hop. Hip-Hop has it?s foot in every door now. You got party Hip Hop, intellectual Hip Hop, conscious Hip Hop and all types of artists with different messages. New technology has changed Hip Hop too, with CD burners any kid can go independent. I believe Hip Hop has gotten more honest and down to earth, there are tons of artists that are speaking the truth and what?s on their mind.
AwareNess: I feel that Hip-Hop is the most universal music and like Time said is constantly changing as we change.

In this period, what kind of cd’s do you listen?
Time: Lately I?ve been listening to Jay-Z Kingdown Come, The Mars Volta, Mos Def- True Magic, Outkast- Idlewild, Thom Yorke- The Eraser, Bjork, Thelonious Monk, Modest Mouse, Doctype, Jeff Buckley and Cocorosie.
AwareNess: I listen to Jay-z, The Mars Volta, Mos Def, Outkast, Radiohead and all them too. Also I listen to Air, Zero 7, MorCheeba, Talib Kweli, Extra Kool, and Teem Geezus, I listen to too many things to list.

Can you tell us an underground cd that we have to listen?
Time: Doctype- ?Memoirs of a nervous breakdown?, BlackStar ?Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Blackstar?, P.O.S. ?Ipecac Neat?, Extra Kool ?Tickled Pink?
AwareNess: Nice & Smooth ?Ain?t a Damn Thing Changed?

In which way you can describe hip-hop for a person who don’t know it at all?
Time: A bunch of egos trying to rhyme words as fast as they can, along with scratching records, tagging garbage cans and dancing with their hat sideways.
AwareNess: hahaha, really though it would be a bit hard, try describing any culture. It?s just a way of life.

Thanks and hello
Time: Thank you Ciobin, Italy and Bridgette Bordot
AwareNess: Thank you, and thanks to everybody who supports us. Hello to Jean Grae and The RZA

Tell us everything you want
Time: I want some money, Lady Sovereign, Mila Kunis and some more of our CD?s burned dammit.
AwareNess: I want to let everybody know that calm. is just a figment of your imagination and buy our album, we need new, bigger, and better equipment in the studio.

For info and contacts?
For more info on the super fantastic duo of Time and AwareNess also known as calm. please see or

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Interview with Antifiction

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Tell us something about you if somebody don’t remember who you are
ANTIFICTION is a movement that was created around 1998. We started freestyling over instrumentals and I
wanted to release them to the public. The name was originally JUSTIFICATION, but when we wanted to create JUSTIFICATION.COM, the name was unavailable. So, I sat and looked at the word JUSTIFICATION for awhile, and the word ANTIFICTION entered my mind. In 2000, I met Big Shawn who is a member of the group BORED STIFF. We decided to create an album which was recorded by Bruce Leighton at Data Stream Studios which is located in the historic Hyde Street Studios.

In which way this new cd is born? and why?
On October 19 2001, during the creation of the first ANTIFICTION album, I experienced an intervention which destroyed my life. I was given 5150 status and forced to take Haldol, Zyprexa, Ativan, and Cogentin against my will. The domino effect that occured as a result of this intervention took its toll on my life in every way. Im no Scientologist, but their take on Psychiatry is something that I strongly agree with based on first hand knowledge. No one should be forced to take mind altering drugs against their will! I instilled fear in those who drugged me, and the drugging was meant to cure THIER FEAR, not my personal problems. TAHT was created between 2002-2006.

Tell us the reaction of the people who listen the cd
As of today, only a small audience has had the opportunity to hear this work. The feedback that we have received so far has been very positive.

If you could, what would you change in it?
The first ANTIFICTION album was recorded at Hyde Street Studios with Bruce Leighton engineering. I engineered TAHT myself. This was my first attempt at mixing/mastering. The quality of the master would have most likely been better if Bruce had done the honors.

Tell us something about every track of the cd
1 – Incentives feat. D-Wiz, Produced by D-Wiz
2 – Freestyle -I Produced this track and recorded a
freestlyle over it
3 – Get Back-Produced by Eddie Kash
4 – Instrumental- I Produced this track
5 – Growth feat. PW Esquire-Produced by PW Esquire
6 – Center Stage-Produced by Big Shawn
7 – Mind Travelers feat. Mind Travelers-Produced by
Mind Travelers
8 – Birth-Produced by PW Esquire
9 – Babies fe at. Big Shawn-Produced by Big Shawn
10 – Instrumental- I Produced this track
11 – Remind Me-Produced by PW Esquire
12 – Highest feat. Big Shawn-Produced by PW Esquire
13 – Lock feat. SETS-Produced by SETS
14 – Produce feat. D-Wiz-Produced by Slim Goodworth &
Big Shawn
15 – Blinded-Produced by PW Esquire
16 – Life feat. Big Shawn, Priz, Mint Rock,
Viz-Produced by Big Shawn

Have you performed live recently?
ANTIFICTION has not held an official performance since 2004, but the individual artists involved have been
performing throughout California and Nevada. PW Esquire has been doing some great shows lately both solo and with Don Toine under the name GOULIE BOYS. Big Shawn has been performing with BORED STIFF and THE FUTONS. I have been focusing on Production and survival, and will be organizing an international tour
in the near future.

Do you think that something is changed in hip-hop in these years?
Change occurs in what is popular and available. Artists evolve in their own way.

In this period, what kind of cd’s do you listen?
I have been listening mostly to my own music, and the music of Big Shawn, PW Esquire, Equipto, Bored Stiff, Great Scott, Scojourners, Z-Man, and all of the other Bay Area talent that so few are fortunate enough to hear.

Can you tell us an underground cd that we have to listen?
PW Esquire’s PAST DUE

In which way you can describe hip-hop for a person who don’t know it at all?
Hip hop is a combination of Producers, DJs, Breakdancers, Rappers, and Graffiti artists. Most of all, it is a feeling, and when Freestyling and Beat Making are involved, it is Jazz.

Thanks and hello
Thanks to the Sun for sustaining life on earth.

Tell us everything you want
We will be releasing much more music in the years to come, so stay aware. We are in the process of
creating an online music store for those interested in hearing the real sounds of the Bay Area and beyond, an online TV Station called ANTIFICTION.TV, an ondine magazine called ANTIFICTION, and an ANTIFICTION clothing line.

For info and contacts?

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