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Interview with Tron

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A little history of Tron
Born n raised in Midwest called Davenport,IA(Quad Cities), moved around
alot, moms struggled a bit with bills, but that’s normal for single parent
with 3 kids. I start doing this rap thang seriously in 97′ in Rockford,IL
and came down to Houston,TX in 99′ to pursue my career even stronger. Built
a small production team and now i have written over 1,000 songs and still
goin strong. Coming from the geto u learn and grow to be strong and tough
minded and really not take anything for granted cuz we came from nothin, but
at the same time we can act wild and shit cuz we ain’t used to having much,
naw mean.

This is your first cd?
DA ARRIVAL… JUS DAYZ AWAY is my debut album on my indie imprint, 3R DA
SYSTEM/3R RECORDS. It has twelve songs in total (2 bonus tracks)and has a
lil bit of everything from streets,club party jams to deep and even a lil
political. This is the first volume really of a 2 disc set that i decided to
break down into 2 cuz of marketing/promo problems, but the 2nd album will be
called da SEQUEL.

Tell me something about hip-hop in your city.
HIP HOP in my hometown is like an outkast, no one is really paying
attention to dat, but imma bring all the so called major players to my city
in da near future, imma put people on who r really into they craft and
really down 4 da grind and hustle, but as far as Hip Hop in Htown, it’s real
crazy in a good way and artists like Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Mike Jones,
Slim Thug and without a doubt RAP A LOT RECORDS are helpin me out and making
it easier on me for being so successful and putting it down hard for Htown,
and i really feel blessed being in this situation down here in da LONE STAR
STATE. I got a lot of respect n luv for J.PRINCE(owner/CEO of RAP A LOT).

Do you know something about hip-hop in Italy?
Nah not much but i wanna learn and find out so i can collab wit da talent
yall got down there, it’s crazy how so much talent is spread worldwide and
nobody taps into it, but hey im glad im aware and won’t sleep once i get my
machine rollin

What do you think about mp3?
mp3′s are important cuz they get yo song right to that person in a matter
of no time, i have been sendin songs to DJ’s off myspace left and right and
it’s really convenient and refreshing knowing i dont have to send off mailed
packs to people and it saves money to go along wit time. But life is about
change, so we all kinda have to evolve around the times, though we don’t
have to conform to anyone, i feel u should alwayz look at things wit an open
mind, so im all for mp3′s until someone starts intercepting or hackin my
songs like the crazy stuff goin on

And about women in hip-hop?
Women have so much power n control they don’t realize it nor understand
how to use it. I feel women r doing wat they gotta do to survive jus like us
male artists but they sometimes go bout it the wrong way like us male
artists. All women to me r beautiful, ratha u in a video or being a
publicist, i judge u on your heart and character, not how u look and present
yo self, but how u carry yo self.U know i can sit here and judge women for
dayz but da bottom line is as long as they doin wat they wanna do and it
makes em happy and they taken care of they business im all for it, jus don’t
short change yourself like some of these other women have, it’s jus life u
gotta live and learn.

Have you performed live?
No, jus as far a talent show, but that was yrs ago, but we won da contest
and i had all the girls rush up to da stage when i grabbed the mic and
that’s when i knew i could make somethin happen based on dat reaction.

Who is the artist you like most and why?
Well i don’t have jus one favorite, but it’s like 2PAC, SCARFACE and NAS.
If i could take a small piece of each and put all of me wit that, i feel
that’s da ultimate aritst/hustler/businessman. i guess cuz these dudes is
deep and conscious and talk bout da struggle n streets is why i feel deez
dudes da most. But i do feel we have alot of talented artists out and the
new wave is def lookin strong. But since i grew up on those artists and in
da geto it helped shape me be the artist i am as of today and i still got a
long way to go, but im ready for it all.

Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?
Somewhat, becuz if u talkin bout back in da dayz,NO, but if u talkin bout
2day,YES, but it doesn’t really bother me cuz people gone do wat they wanna
do so it really does not effect me at the end of the day. It’s like i tell
people when u go watch an NBA or NFL game, u ain’t gone like every player on
da field and alot of guys r gonna be average players and some will be really
good, and that’s how music is, some u will really embrace and some u will
think is trash. And at the end of da day it’s either good, ok or not so
good. But wat makes Hip Hop so special is everybody brings wat they got to
da plate and make da most out of it, ratha it’s good or bad, jus be and do

In which way you live hip-hop?
From my walk to da way i talk, dress, my swagger, playin
basketball,writin rhymes daily. Being from da hood u c hip hop in da streets
daily and livin in burbs u c how all these so called harmless people r
entrenched in our field.

Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
It’s great havin all deez clubs and radio stations down here, but it’s
also hard to get on especailly wit all da money being under da table and it
cuts out da low budget guys(like myself) from getting out there quicker but
imma make it happen, jus gotta grind harder. Radio is more difficult than
clubs becuz of da playlist and payola being exposed. But for da most part
it’s good, espcially having access to a MEAN GREEN( Party 104.9) who has
been puttin it down for yrs wit labels like NO LIMIT RECORD and RAP A LOT.
But if u come from Italy and wanna get yo party on down in Htown go to CLUB
ICE AGE(Mike Jones club) and CLUB HUSH, but it’s alot more, there’s a party
everyday in HOUSTON,TX

Future projects
Well after i get my debut jumpin we gone be droppin TRON/3R mixtape and
RAFAY/TRON mixtape, then we gone be droppin 3R: DA BIRTH (group album) and
then solo projects from my artists KLASSIK and RAFAY and then back 2 my
second solo DA SEQUEL…ETHCED IN STONE. and of course i will be lookin for
talented artists all across da globe to come join da camp.

Thanks and hello to
I would like to send a shout out 2 my 3R artists and producers(NEAL,
RAFAY, SHON V, KLASSIK and GREG), also 2 my momz,brotha,sista(i miss n luv
yall) and my shorty(CAM), I got luv 4 those who got luv for me and i got
hate for those who hate me.Wat up 2 J.PRINCE,SUGE KNIGHT, MASTER P, LUKE
CAMPBELL and all those other indie black owned companies who have inspired
me to become successful at my craft,ONE LUV and remember put yo creator
first and alwayz believe in yo self and never quit at life and alwayz be
yourself, keep yo essence,PEACE

Holla at yo boy @ and and u can
email me @ I will respond to all messages ASAP and be
sure to cop my underground klassik @ WWW.TRON3R.COM and

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Interview with Royce

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A little history of Royce
formed in mid 1994 while attending St. Ignatius College Prep in
Chicago Illinois by friends who were into early rap, hip hop, house,
rock and soul music. started jamming recreating the feel of house
music and hiphop breaks with live instruments. attempting to self
teach each other music.

This is your first cd?
This is our second official release, our first “Subtleties of the
Game’ was in 2003. we have also released a tour cd ” Making Girls
Comfortable for Sex”. .

Tell me something about hip-hop in your city.
its the most raw. Chicago is a very extreme city. Everything is a
constant polarization from the weather to segregation, rival
neighborhoods, locals vs. the incoming population, which just adds the
fierce pressure which comes through in not only hip hop but all the
homegrown music from the city. The end result is people like Qwel,
DJWhiteLightning, Qwazaar, Typical Cats, Robust, Outerlimitz,
Offwhyte, Mestizo, Maker, and in general labels like Galapagos4 +
Molemen etc.. . and to a degree mainstream artists like twista,
common, kanye. . .

Do you know something about hip-hop in Italy?
I love Italian hip-hop. I (DJWL) lived in Firenze in 1998 and
experienced some true Italian hip hop culture, the trains were insane
. . big ups to ROME ZOO.. . .

What do you think about mp3?
I prefer vinyl, but as far as reaching a global population with your
music, its the best thing going ..

And about women in hip-hop?
How about hip hop in women?, I think its awesome, whoever has the most
style wins anyways .. .

Have you performed live?
We perform frequently in Chicago, we’ve been lucky to open for Kool
Keith, Awol, RJD2, Pit-Er-Pat, Michael Columbia, Galapagos4 etc, we
have also toured the West Coast USA, + France, Switzerland, Germany.

Who is the artist you like most and why?
right now im very appreciating MF Doom,+ Count Bass D.

Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?
hip hop videos represent real hip hop marketing and thats about it. .. .

In which way you live hip-hop?
I live it through DeeJaying parties, searching for and attempting
always to make the perfect beat. . . through graffiti and visual art
(, and although i love dancing i am not much of a break
dancer, , and also i love rap. . but i should probably keep my mouth
shut. . . so through music and visual art, and in general always
being open to new styles and ideas. . .

Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
the only good radio is college independent stations, otherwise all you
will hear are car and beer commercials .. . . and the only real club
in Chicago is Neo where they only play new wave and goth music. . . .
for hip hop though i enjoy the Funky Buddha Lounge, managed by my
excellent homie Andre Corbin. . .

Future projects
third album in the works = GANGSTER POP

Thanks and hello to
all the kind people in Firenze, players in Rome, hustlers in Naples,
pimps in Milan and the serious people in Sicily + all in between We
love Italia!

for contacts?

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Interview avec Mc Rikta

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Bref histoire de Mc Rikta
moi c’est mc rikta j’viens de Paname 75 .j’ai commencer a écrire a 13 ans mais a rapper sérieusement a l’âge de 15 ans, ma première prestation s’était sur la mix-tape “kollimateur” produite par l’or du silence ensuite plusieurs mix-tapes par si par là, j’ai participé a la compilation rap-indé et dernièrement est sortie mon premier opus “18 piges a peine” qui est actuellement dans les bacs.

Ceci est ton premier cd?
oui, c’est mon premier projet solo .c’est un EP 12 titres + 4 instrumentals et un bonus qui est un clip “babylon”. dans le cd tu peux retrouver Koma de la Scred Connexion sur le titre “le monde pleure”et l’Or du Silence sur le morceau “langue de bois” et Dmô sur “on débarque”.Puis, un son avec mon collectif qu’est 17 Zone Nord.

Dis-moi quelque chose sur le hip-hop dans ta ville
Paris est plein d’artistes talentueux, c’est les moyens qui manquent comme toujour. Par exemple,pour sortir ce cd j’ai grave galéré on a trimé avec l’or du silence pour que ca sorte.Il faut que les maisons de disques s’intéresseent aux jeunes artistes comme moi car nous sommes l’avenir du rap francais .

Est-ce que tu connais quelque chose sur le hip-hop en Italie?
nan, désolé j’y connais rien mais j’ai entendu que ca rapé bien là bas.

Qu’est-ce que tu penses de mp3?
c’est pratique pour faire tourner les sons mais faut acheter le cd d’abord(rire)

Et des femmes dans le hip-hop?
j’suis pas contre, elles ont une approche diférente des hommes .C’est bien ,ca donne une autre vision du rap et ca change de l’image du rap en tant que musique de “bonhomme”.Chacun des sexes à des choses à dire et à apporter au rap de manière générale.

As-tu joué en live?
ouais, j’ai fais plein de scènes en france :des festivals, des scènes de quartiers… J’ai également fais un concert en Suisse avec l’Or du Silence.J’ai bien kiffé,le public était chaud!

Quel est l’artiste que tu prefere et pourquoi?
c’est Akhenaton, il est trop fort. J’aime bien car ca me parle malgrès qu’on soit pas de la même génération.Ca me touche,ses textes sont super réfléchis.ON peut dire que c’est de la poèsie. Y’a pas photo pour moi, c’est le meilleur y va contre les clichés de rappeurs idiots . Ensuite, ya Koma, Fabe de la Scred, Lunatic, Lino, j’aime les rap à textes car sans textes ca sert à rien et si t’es pas d’accord t’as qu’à allez à new-york (rire)

Selon toi les videos hip-hop represent le reel hip-ho?
le hip hop a plusieurs facettes, chacun son trip, donc oui toutes les videos hip hop représentent le hip hop si on pense comme ca, mais pour ma part c’est pas vraiment le cas.

Dans ta vie, comment tu vie le hip-hop?
le hip hop c’est un moyen d’expression avant tout qui me permet de m’exprimer, de faire passer des idées et de les échanger. j’aime ca, rien que je rap tout seul quand je marche dans la rue (rire) j’ai grandi avec cette musique et ca ma imprégner!

Dis-moi quelque chose sur les radios et les clubs dans ta ville
j’écoute pas trop la radio et j’suis pas trop club!

Projets futurs
l’album est en préparation .j’ai écris plein de morceaux que je vais maquetter .Ensuite on verra ca inch’allah .Y’a plein de projets que j’aimerais réaliser donc j’pérsévère.

Merci et salut à…
merci à l’Or du Silence et à toi pour l’interview .dédicasse à tous les internautes qui lirons l’interview pour + d’infos y’a mon clip,des sons à écouter et des news…Sans oublier un livre d’or qui est là pour vous!

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Interview with IBU

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In which way you live hip-hop?
We grew up in a generation where hip-hop is predominant. We listen to it constantly and we are slightly influenced by it. But like any music, we listen to those that convey a positive message. Some of it actually inspires us. We are an R&B Group, but we incorporate hip hop in our songs, because it’s part of who we are.

Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
Clubs are big in Chicago. There’s hundreds of the around Chicagoland. Clubs and especially radio are a big influence to the new generation of artists. It is however extremely difficult for an indie artist to get airplay in Chicago.

Future projects
Music is our passion, and our music is constantly gaining acceptance by the public. We will continue to pursue a career in music. We owe it to them for their support. We are working on a second album, although we are taking it slow, making sure it’s better than the first one. We’re lucky opportunities always come our way, including this interview. That makes life as an artist all worthwhile.

Thanks and hello to
we’d like to thank you for this opportunity, to our families who have always supported us in this pursuit, to all our fans who believed in us, without them we’ll never get this far, to all the music industry professionals who have guided us throughout our music career, and to the media who helped get the word out.

For information about the group, visit our official page at, and our fan page at Business related inquiries maybe addressed to or

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