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Interview with Purple Reign

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A little history of Purple Reign
purple reign is basically the symbol for the sacramento kings. and everybody knows of purple rain the movie so we just put the two together. about our lives in music form comin from sac.

This is your first cd?
1st compilation. young t dropped a solo bp droppin a solo and the sac reps is comin out swingin too.

Tell me something about hip-hop in your city.
I would say its under rated. the ones that people hear about don?t fully rep us I can say. we have a lil variety here and there. I can tell you nobody sounds like what we got goin on over here..

Do you know something about hip-hop in Italy?

What do you think about mp3?
its great if you use if for long periods of time like drivin or parties and it saves cds and money. get the ipod crackin that?s wzup!

And about women in hip-hop?
nobody has really satisfied me with a great album. I like verses here and there but when I hear the LP its weak to me.

Have you performed live?
yes and we does out thang!

Who is the artist you like most and why?
twista cuz he adapts to whats hot, and has lyrics and is creative.

Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?
nowadays we cant consider what hip hop is. I think the video that shows the feeling behind the song to the fullest extent of that artists who worked 100% on it thru vision.

In which way you live hip-hop?
my dress, my slanguage, my food, my view in life, my youth,

Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
they play not enough west coast shit, sac shit on top of that, im sorry to say

Future projects
sac reps:nothin but BS, Don Juan:liquor and perfume,

Thanks and hello to
all who support

for contacts?

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Interview with Pak

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A little history of Pak
I’ve been rapen & singing for some years now. use to be in a group called FFlame we had mild success on a record lable called Robbins Entertainment with the single “Clap ya Hands”
we parted ways and I started my own lable Ofir Records, as well as a group called The Faculty.
The Faculty is featured on the The Pakage.

This is your first cd?
no this is my second album.

Tell me something about hip-hop in your city.
we have just acquired a new college Radio station that is showing a lot of luv to the local Rap acts in my city
Flint. There is a lot of talent here, Flint is like a big pot of gumbo theres a wide range goen on.

Do you know something about hip-hop in Italy?
no I can’t say that I do, but I bet its live there.

What do you think about mp3?
I luv It, if there were no mp3′s I couldn’t share my music with the world I mean its goin place I can’t reach yet thats tight as hell.

And about women in hip-hop?
I like women in hip hop but I wish they didn’t have to sell them selfs so much that it was more about there skillz and not there ass but there are a few that have both ass and skillz. I just think the industry doesn’t respect women as much being that its male domanited.

Have you performed live?

Who is the artist you like most and why?
Right now Kanya West becuz he changed the stereotype of male rapers, thats like what N.W.A did for rap, bring there reality to the front line.

Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?
Not all the time becuz everybody in there videos are the hero they get the girl save the people etc.. but thats becuz of the songs choosin as videos. u dont see the real feelings of people in the videos, theres only a few who show the real them and thats hip hop.

In which way you live hip-hop?
By keeping God first, being true to myself, holding my family down, my friends by showing luv to my people and I just luv the music!!

Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
The clubs here are to small the people are made becuz there it’s enough money here like it us to be since the auto shops closed so theres a lot of crime and shotings sad to say and the major radio stations hate on local talant, u have to become a star befor they play your music or go to Detroit or small souronding citys to get your music played. But now there is a collage station that is showing mad luv to the locals they play my joints all the time.

Future projects
yeah I got a few collaborations comen up some mixed taps I’m hopen on and some shows.

Thanks and hello to
I wonna thank u for the opportunity for being heard around the world,I also wonna give a big shout out to and my manager Evan Feig and to the Faculty

contacts hit me at drop a e-mail.
e-mail me your address and I’ll try 2 get them out 2 u Ok
Pak out 1000!!

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Interview with Moqita

18 Dicembre 2005 Commenti chiusi

C: A little history of Moqita
Billy Blaise was a in a Jazz/Funk Quintet called “Groove Funkshen” and JG
made Drum and Bass with “GFS”. We were old friends who always wanted to
work together again and were sick of making the music that we were making.
We got together and it sounded good. So here we are.

C: This is your first cd?
This is our first cd as Moqita

C: Tell me something about hip-hop in your city.
It’s philly. The hip hop is banging, from the Fresh Prince and Schooly D,
to the Roots and Jedi Mind Tricks, Philly’s always been rocking it.

C: Do you know something about hip-hop in Italy?
Not really.

C: What do you think about mp3?
Best thing to ever happen to music distribution.

C: And about women in hip-hop?
The more the merrier.

C: Have you performed live?

C: Who is the artist you like most and why?
I don’t think there is one artist that we can say we like the most. There’s too many

C: Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?
Video’s don’t represent anything except for 3 and half minute commercials for record companies

C: In which way you live hip-hop?
by making music by our own rules.

C: Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
There are several major commercial hip hop stations in Philly, but the
best are ones like WKDU 91.7FM who are non-commercial and play stuff you
would never hear on the radio. See and

C: Future projects
We have a 12″ single called “It Comes to Me” coming on in January on
Shakedown Records but it’s a vocal house track. We also
are appearing on the Om:Discovery:Downtempo series available on iTunes and
the Om Lounge 10 which should be out this winter/spring on Om Records Also we have a song called “Backdoor Girl” coming on
Tokyo Dawn Records

C: Thanks and he
Thanks to our crew, GFS, and our boy J.Smooth. Also, out
boys Clayton and Fulcrum

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Interview with Euphon

18 Dicembre 2005 Commenti chiusi

A little history of Euphon
Euphon is a two-man group consisting of emcee Mr. Fantastik and producer/ emcee Slim, based out of East Harlem, New York. We met in high school and started building on our mutual appreciation of ?creative? hip-hop. Slim was DJ?ing and Fan was writing. At first we didn?t decide to be a group, we were just doing songs to be heard and the group was formed from that.

This is your first cd?
No this is the second CD that we?ve put out. And a couple of singles have been floating around for sometime as well.

Tell me something about hip-hop in your city.
Mr. Fan: Well we are from the “birthplace” of HIP HOP. New York City is where we were both born and bred. Hip-Hop here is always different than any other place for the mere fact that it all began here. The thing is that this used to be where creativity was the MOST important thing, but now it?s all about doing whatever it takes to get money. Because of that I feel hip-hop as a culture in New York has suffered. Everyone looks the same, acts the same, and when you do that you leave no room for growth. Although there are us select few who still strive for creativity, versatility and the preservation of good music.
Slim: Hip-hop in New York is very much alive even though on the commercial side it doesn?t seem like it. There are a lot of cats doing stuff on the indie and underground route.

Do you know something about hip-hop in Italy?
Mr. Fan: No, I can’t even lie and tell you I have.
Slim: The only person that I?ve heard of from Italy is Marya, besides that we haven?t been exposed to too much hip-hop in Italy, unfortunately. We?d like to though because we know that the music has expanded way beyond the borders of the states.

What do you think about mp3?
Mr. Fan: I think mp3 is good for music…I mean it allows people from all over the globe to hear something that they may have not had the chance to before.
Slim: Yeah mp3?s allow independent artists to have their material exposed to people on the net. Especially when you don?t have the budget to mass-produce CD?s or vinyl. All you have to do is e-mail or post the track online and people have the opportunity to check it out.

And about women in hip-hop?
Mr. Fan: I think women need to realize that they can be women and keep their clothes on. I mean if you wanna show your ass fine but you don’t have to so you can be seen in hip-hop. For instance, people love and respect Lauryn Hil, l but its because she was who she is. Not just showing her ass.
Slim: I think women are vital to hip-hop. They provide a different point of view to hip-hop. The bad thing is that it?s set up so that their image is more important then the material that they have. But there are some female artists that definitely get busy when it?s time to.

Have you performed live?
Mr. Fan: Yes we have performed numerous times for years all over. We’d like to do a small tour of Europe too (holla at us promoters).
Slim: Yes we have, we?ve performed at universities, open mics, little rooms, on stage, no stage, you name the type of spot we?ve more then likely performed in that type of situation.

Who is the artist you like most and why?
Mr. Fan: The artists I like the most is probably The Roots, I feel they always find a new way to be creative, and Black Thought is the greatest MC never to get the props he deserves.
Slim: The list is pretty long, but I think for every type of mood you?re in there?s an artist that you can relate to in that moment. But for the most part I like folks like Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, The Roots, Kayne, etc. Mainly because we can relate to what they?re speaking on for the most part.

Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?
Mr. Fan: Oh hell no! 98% of the videos that claim to be hip-hop aren’t. I mean I don’t know about y’all but how many half naked chicks do you see walking down the street with an artist (unless you live in Miami). Driving cars that ain’t theirs. I mean its crazy and people actually believe that bullshit.

In which way you live hip-hop?
Mr. Fan: I live hip-hop because I am hip-hop. It?s always been my way of life. From what I say, to what I wear, to how I walk, to how I spit fire on the mic. I don’t know any other way to be.
Slim: Well we can only live hip-hop the way we know how. We don?t drink nor smoke so we?re not going to talk about that. We don?t live in lavish homes so we?re not going walk around with big diamond chains or anything like that. So we live it as it?s in our means and being true to ourselves.

Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
Mr. Fan: Clubs here are mostly about shaking ya ass and that’s all. People don’t even listen to lyrics anymore, if the beat is hot, then they are dancing and who cares what they are saying. Some spots play well rounded music but they are hard to find and you can still find an occasional good open mic spot (shout to E.O.W.)
Slim: Well the radio is pretty bad, if you listen to mainstream radio they?re playing the same 10 hip-hop songs and the same 10 R&B songs. However if you listen to a college station you have the opportunity of getting exposed to more material in which you make the decision of what you think is good or not. Not the radio station saying that a particular song is good because they say so and we?re going to play it all day until you feel the same way.

Future projects
Mr. Fan: We are currently working on a mix tape to put out right quick, just some exclusives and freestyles to let off some steam.
Slim: Right, and we should be on a couple of mix-tapes besides our own. We?re also collaborating with some other artists as well and there?s also a compilation on deck entitled Trojan City coming soon, probably in the beginning of the new year. Last but not least there will be a new full-length project, which should be ready for next summer.

Thanks and hello to
Slim: First off we?d like to thank you for taking the time to talk to us.
Mr. Fan: Big thanks to our family, Ironhorse Music, and listeners of good music. Shout to our extended fam—-Wax Po, Sub-Con, Alter Egos, E.O.W., Pack FM, Immortal Technique and all the other fam who has been in the struggle…

For contacts:
If you need to get to us you can e-mail us at, and you can check us out online for news, and new music at,, and we have a page on as well.

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