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Interview with Second2Last

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By Ciobin

C: A little history of Second2Last.
S: Second2Last is johny lashley, bade, B.Polite and Aisha Bell. We came together in 1997 to continue performing out of the opening mic setting started at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY. Johny is the immigrant of thebunch, born in Trinidad and Tobago. Everyone else was born in the United States.

C: Is this your first cd?
S:”Babble On” is our second cod. Our first was “say word” released in 1999.

C: Tell me something about hip-hop in your city.
S: This is where the whole thing began. We are living in the ambrosia day by day.

C: Do you know something about hip-hop in Italy?
S: I (johny) went to Italy in 1998 on scholarship. The school was based in Rome. Although I traveled around the country Rome really has the largest following. From record stores to local acts. I also came across a few reggae and gospel artists as well.

C: What do you think about mp3?
S: It is what it is. It’s an opportunity to get music out to people and it’s a crutch because not everyone has consistant access to computers around the world.

C: And about women in hip-hop?
S: Women have been a part of hip hop since the start of the culture. The problem is that most people ignore and eventually forget their contributions, making it seem like each woman in hip hop is the first of her kind.

C: Have you performed live?
S: We have always performed live.

C: Who is the artist you like most and why?
S: We all have different influences. Stevie Wonder for the beauty, diversity, and sincerity of his music. Buju Banton for his integrity, sound and growth as an artist. The list goes on.

C: Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?
S: Maybe only 10%. Most hip-hop videos are a world away from the lives of your average hip hop head.

C: In which way you live hip-hop?
S: By living, supporting and critiquing the culture.

C: Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
S: It is hard to find quality parties with an atmosphere that is filled for the love of music. At most venues, people spend more time profiling than dancing.

C: Future projects.
S: We really want to get on a tour, do some touring overseas and record a live album. Right now we are promoting “Babble On” and working on a few individual projects to increase our catalog.

C: Thanks and hello to
S: Peace to Italy. Viva Roma, Arkab, Harlem!

For contacts

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Interview with Bucc

12 Dicembre 2004 Commenti chiusi

By Ciobin

CIOBIN: A little history of Bucc
BUCC: I started my hiphop career early as a graffiti writer. Some of my first
sketches are from around 87-88, but it wasn’t until 93 that I did my
first piece. I started writing rhymes around 98, but it took me until
the new millenium until I recorded my first song. I’ve released two
albums together with my group The Narcs a.k.a The Narcissists called
Temporarily Forever and Planet Euthanasia and earlier this year I
released mt first solo album Back to Square One. My first single from
my sophmore release Independunt Perfekshun has been out in the form of
an CD-R EP in Sweden and Houston and I’ve sold 2000 copies straight
oujt my backback in 3 months. Street hits no doubt! That Single/EP
includes the first single SOUL, which has been up on MTV and ZTV in
Sweden as well on VIVA in Germany and on ZTV in Lattvia. A second video
is due to be released at the same time as the album drops. The album
will also be released independently with the help of Swedens biggest
hiphop store Recordnet ( – The release date is set to
the end of November.

C: Tell me something about hip-hop in your city.
B: The hiphop scene in Stockholm is pretty big. A lot of the american
mainstream artists sell a few units and there’s a lot of emcees and
producers releasing demos, albums, 12 inches etc etc – Unfortunately
ain’t people supporting the way they should be. There’s almost no Djs
playing Swedish material in the clubs, there’s not much people
supporting by buying the different artists products. I think that
Swedish hiphop as a whole community will grow more and more from now on
though. There*s a lot of things happening in the underground and I’m
proud of being a part of the whole.

C: Do you know something about hip-hop in Italy?
B: I know about italian graffiti through a friend that lived in Italy for
about 2 years. He was hanging around some of the biggest names in the
game while living there, but i do unfortunately not know too much about
the rest of the Italian scene.

C: What do you think about mp3?
B: Mp3s are a good way to promote your own material, but I never listen to
Mp3s. I’ve gotta have the real thing. I’m on my way to savin’ up to an
iPod though, but that’s mainly cause I don’t wanna carry around all my
Cds. I wont probably download too much stuff.

C: And about women in hip-hop?
B: I’m totally hooked on the new Jean Grae album. A few of the songs on
her album are amazing. She’s talented like no other girl in the game
and the way she’s takin’ on mainstream beats with her own style is

C: Have you performed live?
B: I’ve been on tour in Germany, Lattvia, Denmark, Sweden, Texas, Holland
and Norway severeal times. I’m goin’ on tours in Lattvia and Germany
later this year. Just two short promotion tours, but still. That’s
needed too.

C: Who is the artist you like most and why?
B: One of my favourite artists at the moment is with out a doubt Jadakiss.
his lyrics are better than anyone else and his flow is untouchable. A
few other of my favourite artists are Boot Camp Click, Wu Tang, Mobb
Deep, Masta Ace, Aesop Rock etc etc

C: Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?
B: I stopped caring about what’s real and what’s not real a long time ago.
I like a song if it’s a good song not if it’s a underground song or a
mainstream song. There’s a lot of bullshit music on the charts, but
also a lot of bullshit in the underground.

C: Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
B: There’s not much hiphop up on radio that I like, but that’s probably
how it is in every city in the world. We got a few good radio shows
with djs that play some nice songs, but mostly it’s crap. Iäm not a big
fan of radio though, I rather pick myself what I want to listen to.

C: Future projects
B: My second solo album Independunt Perfekshun will be released in
November and I’ve already recorded a EP together with Houstonian emcee
Stress. I’m workin’ on my own recordlabel and I’m working on my own T-
shirt brand together with ZOO YORK Sweden. My plans are to try to reach
out to as many people as possible. I want to tour the world and I want
to meet people. I just spend one and a half month in Texas, promoting,
performing and hooking up with people. I’m going to Barcelona and
London in a few weeks to do the same thing there. It’s all about
grinding. I ain’t got no record label to back me up, but I know I got
music that attracts people all over the world. So any one that would
like to help me out with whatever, interviews, tours, selling my shit,
reviewing it or just support in whatever way are welcome to email me
at: – I might need somewhere to sleep in your
city while I’m out on the road! HAHA

C: Thanks and hello to
B: Gotta say peace to K-Line Connection, Monroe, VG Skillz, Stress,
Scandalous, FY UNIT, Recordnet –

For contacts:
To check out some of the OLD OLD OLD Narcissists track check out: – To check out a tour video with us from
Germany and our first video ever called Graffwriters check out – To get to know more about my main man in Houston, VG
Skillz check out – To email me about my shit send me
email at, to buy Swedish hiphop and international
hiphop check out and to get to know more about the
Swedish hiphop community check out

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