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Interview with Regenerated Headpiece

6 Maggio 2004 3 commenti

By Ciobin

CIOBIN: A little history of Regenerated Headpiece
RHP: Regenerated Headpiece (RHP) has been around since the universe invented 2 brains. It is the act of combining two open-minded lifeforms to create new flava. Everyone that buys our records, comes to our shows or listens to our music has a connection with us. We hope to incorporate their vibes into one massive regenerated headpiece.
At the forefront, and for the past the four years, RHP has been led by lyricist Shred Lexicon, producer/lyricist Phon-X and turntablist DJ Exfyl (x-file).
We have two full length albums and are currently affiliated with GlobalHipHop &, Caffeine Clothing, Chuck Ds Slamjamz Records, Bomb-HipHop, Kaiju Big Battel, American Mule Comics &

C: This is your first cd?
RHP: No. “Dogfight” is our second LP. Our first LP, “Rat Race Vacation” was released in the fall of 2001 to much favorable press. The songs on “Rat Race Vacation” also helped us to secure lots of gigs around NYC and led to a digital licensing deal with Chuck D’s Slamajamz Records. Plus, the lead-off track War Cry was licensed by Bomb-HipHop for their Real Deal anti-music industry compilation.

C: Tell me something about hip-hop in your city.
RHP: New York City is the birthplace of hip hop. The culture breathes on every street corner here. Everybody here either makes beats, rhymes, deejays or paints or at least it seems like that. Everybody is in this city to make it big. Insane talent but also lots of followers that think they can do it even though they havent been feeling and following it since their earliest age of music cognizant.

C: Do you know something about hip-hop in Italy?
RHP: Weve heard a few tracks by an italian group called Articulo 31. Also Phon-X got to chill with Big Seeb of Cobra Tempio while he was visiting the Big Apple and as a result GlobalHipHop has done some building with Dok as well. We like their music even though we don’t speak the language because they have a genuine love for hiphop. Other than that, our only contact with italian hip hop has been a review of our album that appeared in the webzine

C: What do you think about mp3?
RHP: If the future of music is indeed digital, which it appears to be, then the album format will soon become obsolete. I guess Chuck D is right: “The mp3 is the new 45.” Today, kids pop in a CD and they say: “wow, I
like #4 and #11 and #16″, but they don’t know the names of the songs. They don’t play them in sequence. And with the increased popularity of mixtapes and digital downloads, they don’t have to. Welcome to the
future of music. Cop an iPod or get left behind. The single will be more popular than the album. Mp3s are cool but for me personally, part of being a fan of a particular artist, I always like having the tangible recording. Not just a download saved in my computer. Mp3s and the technology they develop to go along with mp3 format is all good but it really scares me sometimes that less and less people will be using vinyl. I love vinyl!

C: And about women in hip-hop?
RHP: Without women hiphop wouldnt be hiphop. Its a culture and a culture without women is a place we dont wanna be. We love women. They birth life and inspire men. And who really thinks they could hang in a battle with Lauren Hill anyway?

C: Have you performed live?
RHP: Of course. In the past two years RHP has performed more than thirty five times, and have been fortunate enough to open up shows for such notable acts as Public Enemy, Mixmaster Mike, Prince Paul, Dilated
Peoples, The Arsonists, Zion I, Blackalicious, Percee P, The Sound of Urchin, and many of the finest groups on the underground music scene. Please get us on a European tour. We promise a good show and youll laugh your ass off too. Were not afraid to bring comedy back into hiphop because RHP is not a bunch of fake screw-face wanna-be hard-asses.

C: Who is the artist you like most and why?
RHP: In hiphop, RHP are big fans of Organized Konfusion, De La Soul, KRS ONE, Public Enemy, Pete Rock & CL Smooth,… many groups. We like them mostly because of their lyrical content, their wordplay, their amazing production, and and because of their provacative individual messages.
Each of these groups are unique in a very special way, and have carved out sounds and identities all their own.
As for other music, RHP listens to everything and has massive respect for a plethora of artists such as Thelonius Monk, Bob Dylan, Primus, Metallica, Q-bert, Mix Master Mike and LTJ Bukem.

C: Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?
RHP: Rarely. But what is “real hip hop”? I think different people represent what’s real to them in different ways. An example of a video that I’d say represents real hip hop would be the one for Black
Star’s “Respiration”, though.

C: In which way you live hip-hop?
RHP: By breathing and not being able to not stop thinking about making beats, writing flows & scratching.

C: Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
RHP: New York is the city that never sleeps. You can always find something to do on any night of the week. The radio is a different story. Outside some dope college & internet radio, the commercial stations suck. Theyre all owned by one corporation and they only play tracks that have a particular sound. In addition, the major stations only deal with Indie Promoters that basically pay the station to play certain songs.

C: Future projects
RHP: Right now we’re working on writing songs and accumulating new beats for our third album. Also, we are currently collaborating with the new hilarious wrestling phenomena, Kaiju Big Battel (check1 ) so look out for that.

C: Thanks and hello to
RHP: Big ups to Old Yist, Moelicious, Menant, Mobius1, Mike Foam, Bob Fitzsimmons, Rich Lupes, Fupa, Niccolo Toscani and Weird Al.

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Interview with Paradox

6 Maggio 2004 Commenti chiusi

By Ciobin

CIOBIN: A little history of Paradox
PARADOX: Paradox was spawned from the concept of having a contradictive nature, i guess you could say maybe im a sinner wanting to do good or a evil man looking for salvation, I have used the skillz as an emcee to display the inner torment which i believe a lot of other humans suffer from, i dont not deny my nature, i started emceeing at 14, was a Member of the Universal Zulu Nation, was also a break dancer (bboy) and graffiti artist called Spike La Rock, Paradox is a definition and i meet the words to the last drop, so you can say i live up to my namesake.

C: This is your first cd?
P: My first cd but not my first release, i was out on several vinyls and tapes as well as compilations before i released Dark Reign, im currenty working on my next album “HOW I LIVED”

C: Tell me something about hip-hop in your city.
P: I was born and bred in hiphops mecca and its influence of hiphops kulture was everywhere, (The Bronx) i later migreated to my 2nd home Tampa which i consider to be “my Medina” a city which has a lot of true hiphop kulture in it but is vastly overlooked. Everyone knows how new york gets down but here in Tampa we got a scene like crazy and a lot of heads. Tampa is known for the Bucs, Winky wright Khia but were deeper than that when it comes to hiphop, for more info on tampa check out

C: Do you know something about hip-hop in Italy?
P: I know that from talking to Donald D theres a scene there, i know hes got a radio show somehere in Italy but i also know like everywhere else you got techno, rock etc. “ive been around the world but im looking foward to rockin a few shows there.

C: What do you think about mp3?
P: First off i think just like anything else it has it good and bad points, i think its all a matter of perspective, but im all for it, maybe since its effect on me is positive in way getting my music to listeners which is my job anyways.

C: And about women in hip-hop?
P: One word “Caxino Rey!” i mean im a Latifah Fan and all that but i think shes a whole new era and will bring a positive change for killing all the controversy of sex vs skill, i happen to love women in hiphop no matter what.

C: Have you performed live?
P: I lost count of my live performances man, ive done places like Nyc, Tampa,St Pete, Orlando, Cali, Vegas, Australia, and so forth

C: Who is the artist you like most and why?
P: Rakim, hes the trend setter of rhymes with depth, no hooks in his earlier cuts and very motivational…Deep brutha

C: Do you think that hip-hop videos represent the real hip-hop?
P: Well it all depends on what your watching, i mean a lot of videos dont get the play they deserve like videos that you see are like the songs you listen to on a daily, but whos to define what real hiphop is? i dont wanna justify that one style is “real hiphop” although some beg to differ, its still a growing kulture

C: In which way you live hip-hop?
P: I keep it very simple, i stay honest with what i do, never bending to do what the labels flavor of the month is, i do what i do and thats spit ill verses, i rep for b boys and use those break beats in my live performances, i also prop graff writers in some of my songs etc

C: Tell me something about clubs and radios in your city.
P: Better Believe me when i say we got one community free radio station and 2 shows on it that i fully respect, thats “The Underground Railroad” with Tony Montana, Mad Linx And the D@D Express and also Hiphop flavas with Lazy, kramtronix and Blenda, Dj Fader held down a scene here for close to a decade on probably the only true underground spot Tampa ever had that lasted for as long as it did.

C: Future projects
P: “HOW I LIVED” and helping the sister from the “DARKSIDE camp Caxino do her thing as well as working with Vizion, Sham, Jubei, Vega X, Primo(from tampa), and of course my brotherhood camp “The Heat Seekers” got a few more projects in the panel but not secured yet.

C: Thanks and hello to
P: Man, thats a lot but ok, Caxino Rey, Lenny Martinez, Nick Major, Marazmus, all the 88.5 and Tampahiphop fam that shows support, Wird Of Pley(i got you) Shock G and Eli , Metaphysical, all the peeps i worked with on “DARK REIGN” Kayess, Terra, Rigga, Izm, Tamara harris, PeMcee, Steve, Laws, Matty rock (i got yall)Ty, Ace won, Esena, Angel, Doc P, Benton Records, Queen Ameenah, (I love them peeps)and to you of course thanks for the interview,
The Nation Of Islam, and if i forgot anyone m bad,
“All praise due to the Most High”


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Interview avec James Deano

6 Maggio 2004 Commenti chiusi

De Ciobin

CIOBIN : Bref histoire de James Deano
JAMES DEANO : J’ai commencé a rapper vers l’age de 17 ans, 1er coup de coeur hip hop:
La Cliqua. Parcours scolaire catastrophique, gout prononcé pour la musique depuis tout

C : Ceci est ton premier cd?
JD: James Deano: branleur de service, 1er maxi, produit par Bulldozer Productions, label indépendant

C : Dis-moi quelque chose sur le hip-hop dans ta ville
JD: Le hip hop dans ma ville, une grande family, tout le monde se connait, presque tous se respectent
quelques groupes a noter; Mike D, Ultime Team, Rainydays, Cnn199, Tounsi, Weston, 16/9, Noko Bimbs et tellement d’autres…

C : Est-ce que tu connais quelque chose sur le hip-hop en Italie?
JD: Non, j’ai entendu via Rival (cnn199) que ca bougait pas mal

C : Qu’est-ce que tu penses de mp3?

C : Et des femmes dans le hip-hop?
JD: Ca manque un peu a vrai dire, ca déchirerait qui en ai de plus en plus, on attend qu’elle.

C: As-tu joué en live?
JD: Plusieurs lives mais sans musiciens, j’y gouterai plus tard si possible.

C: Quel est l’artiste que tu prefere et pourquoi?
JD: Big Pun, pour son flow, Raeckwon pour sa puissance et Rocca pour ses premiers freestyles

C: Selon toi les videos hip-hop represent le reel hip-ho?
JD: Ca dépend ou, aux States ca represente leur facon de voir la réussite sociale, le bling bling
ici les clips sont encore vierges j’ai l’impression

C: Dans ta vie, comment tu vie le hip-hop?
JD: Je fais que ca, j’ai pas d’autres activités sur le coté, donc c’est mords sur ta chique, écrit, fait des beats, fait des shows, fait des mix tapes, bouge dans les écoles, et va freestyler en radio… vivre hip hop c’est ca

C: Dis-moi quelque chose sur les radios et les clubs dans ta ville
JD: Les radios sont souvent locales, universitaires ou sans bcp de budgets, elles diffusent pas mal de hip hop belge, pour ce qui est des plus grosses radios comme Fun radio, Rtbf 1, elles nous boycottent un peu plus pour l’instant en tout cas, et les clubs y’en a pas 36000, les soirées c’est r n’ b comme partout, on
aime bien y aller mais juste pour se bourrer la geule…

C: Projets futurs
JD: Le 1er album a venir si tout va bien pour septembre 2004.

C: Merci et salut à…
JD: Merci et salut a toute mon équipe, Benz (production), Orféo (musique), Max (graphisme), Dja (gestion), Mike D (soutien et présence sur scène), dj Noname (show), Riz et Magy Tyson (choeurs) et un grand bonjour a tous mes potos (Weston, Ultime, Eska, Barok, Kao, Maky, Pierrot, Crochet, Nicolas, Scarlito, et tous les gaillards de mon coin et qui nous supportent.

Pour me contacter, soit sur le phone tel de Benz (0477/976/475), soit sur le mien (0479/840/690), ou alors les e mails, mais tu les as déja

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